Geekcon Green (formerly TentTech) is an invitation-only, sustainable technology camp.
The camps' goal is to harness creative, multi disciplinary individuals to do projects and rethink sustainability in four domains: water, energy, shelter & communication.
The 100 participants, representing various disciplines such as: Science, technology, art and agriculture, are expected to combine their talent and resources in order to build projects and develop innovative blueprints for environment friendly living.

Why are we doing this?

  • Because we feel there are not enough applications of sustainability and ecological solutions on a daily basis for the layperson
  • Because in our experience, this meeting format encourages activity and collaboration, and leads to creative thinking
  • A combination of people from various fields, far from their comfort zones, leads to innovation
  • Past events that we initiated resulted in dozens of ideas and quite a few start-ups
  • GeekCon Green presents a unique opportunity to be exposed to a wealth of talent in the field of sustainability and the environment, as well as being exposed to innovative ideas before they enter into the market
  • The vision behind Geekcon Green is the belief that there is an abundance of technologies and solutions on the market that are not achieving sufficient penetration either due to barriers which include commercial, technological, product, regulatory, or others. Our goal is to stir up these issues among a multidisciplinary community, and attempt to solve them.